Webinar: Cervikalt rammeverk for vaskulære patologier

Kurs: Webinar: Cervikalt rammeverk for vaskulære patologier

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To 11.03 | 2021
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Roger Kerry er en engelsk fysioterapeut, underviser og forsker ved University of Nottingham. Han har i mange år sittet i en arbeidsgruppe for IFOMPT (International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapist) som har jobbet med det internasjonale rammeverket for undersøkelse av nakkeregionen for potensielle dysfunksjoner av nakkearterier. Han var også medforfatter på det nye internasjonale rammeverket som ble publisert i 2020.  

Tema for dette webinaret med Rogers ord:

"Cervical Framework for Vascular Pathologies: Adverse events, such as stroke, following therapeutic interventions for people with head and neck pain has always been a concern of physiotherapists. Over the decades there has been much confusion about the best way to limiting risk whilst enhancing the benefits of treatment. Emerging science and higher quality data is now allowing us to create more meaningful clinical frameworks to guide our decision making. This talk will present the key points from the recently published IFOMPT Framework for risk management in people with head and neck pain.  Specifically, there will be emphasis on improving our screening skills to identify people with existing vascular pathologies and dysfunctions who are most likely to respond adversely to therapeutic movements of the head and neck. This talk is suitable for anyone involved in the care of people presenting with any type of neck and/or head pain, as well as those with a general interest in evidence-informed clinical reasoning."


kl 19.00-21.00