Beyond a doubt; adjusting the spine changes brain function

Kurs: Beyond a doubt; adjusting the spine changes brain function

Klinikk for Alle
Fr 13.09 | 2019
To 01.08
Norsk kiropraktorforening, Storgata 10a, Oslo
Normal price - 1350 NOK

During this session Dr Haavik will cover, in a fun and entertaining way, the latest scientific understanding about the function of the spine and its impact on brain function.

The complex neurophysiology will be presented in an easy to understand and clinically practical manner for students and DCs, with a particular focus on what this research tells us about the impact of the vertebral subluxation on CNS function.

Dr Haavik will also discuss what we now know about the actual mechanisms of the adjustment (how adjusting subluxations actually improves CNS function). The research tells a story that is similar to the old historic theories, but with a subtle – and very important – twist to it. Dr Heidi Haavik will clarify what we as chiropractors can and cannot claim to help you thrive in an evidence informed world.

Når: Fredag 13. september kl 12-20



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